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AAPM ®  American Academy of Certified Project Managers ® USA - Certifying Board The AAPM ® Project Management Certification Board is AAPM ® Board of Standards - TUV Accredited and ISO 9001 Certified for Quality and ISO 29990 Certified for Training. CIPM Certified International Project Manager ®  and Master Project Manager ® are Registered Trademarks Internationally


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AAPM ® Italy EU Offices-AAPM ® EU Chapter

President: Salvagni Enrico

ABEI  ©  is  "Campus and Examination Center" per AAPM ® Italy EU Offices - AAPM ® EU Chapter. since  2011 and GAFM (Global Academy of Finance and Management Exam Center) Chartered LLC GAFM & IBS & AAPM is certified by TUV Austria according the ISO 29990 ISO 90001 for Design, certification and provision of business, finance & management, health and safety training courses. Continuous Professional Development is Accredited and ISO Certified 
for Quality and ISO Certified for Training.GAFM (Global Academy of Finance and Management Exam Center) Chartered LLC GAFM & IBS & AAPM trough the Exam Center located  in ABEI- Milan.
ABEI and GAFM & IBS & AAPM are accredited  by TUV http://www.tuv.it/it-en  for the International accreditation with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024”. The accreditation will come with Accredia (recognized by Italy Government).
ABEI has signed the framework agreement with TUV AUSTRIA for certification of persons; the ABEI certification/certificates issued by TÜV AUSTRIA are secured by interest groups, corporations, training facilities and universities see web page: http://www.theabei.eu/index.php/primo-piano 
Any Member of AAPM, MPM and any other holder of AAPM Certification are entitled to join ABEI and consequently have a reciprocity with the Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists (SIET).
ABEI © – The Association of British Engineers in Italy is a "Campus and Examination Center” of GAFM International Board of Standards and AAPM ® Italy EU Offices – GAFM - AAPM ® EU Chapter “ since 2011 and it is Certified by TUV AUSTRIA for certification of persons“. The GAFM - AAPM ® EU Chapter is registered in the European Transparency Register : http://ec.europa.eu/transparencyregister/public/consultation/displaylobbyist.do?id=186166514171-23&locale=en#en  
Mr Enrico Salvagni, Dr Eng, MSEE  Chartered Environmentalist (UK), MIEnvSc  Chartered Scientist(UK), MEMgt, MPM ™ Master Project Manager ™, FAAPM™ ,MSE-MIET (UK), FABEI (I), Ingénieurs Professionnel de France IPF, MI-Membre Individuel des Ingenieurs et Scientifiques de France (Cote d'Azur ), Certificats de Qualification Professionnelle (CQP) SNIPF,  Consulting Engineer. Italian Representative- California University FCE (USA. Member of the Global Advisory Board of the AAPM http://www.certifiedprojectmanager.us/board.html 
DTMSI is also Corporate Member of the CPD The institute of Continuing Professional Development, http://www.cpdinstitute.org/corporate-affiliates/design-technology-and-management-society-international.html .
Enrico is Vice President of the Association of British Engineers in Italy, http://www.abei.org/go/Home/English ABEI is a Business Partners of IET (UK) http://www.theiet.org/ He is also The duly Italian Representative of California University FCE http://www.cufce.edu.tc/ 
Enrico has a worldwide varied consulting experience, ranging from the activity as a Project Engineers to Site Manager and Site Representative across the realization of Bulk Handling System for Power Plants, PVD Salt Plant realization, Chemical Industry for NaOH concentration and flaking, Biomass Handling in co-firing Plant etc."
“The MPM Certification ( Master in Project Management) is considered as a professional career, which represents the professional interests of those with responsibilities, at all levels, for the prediction, planning and control of resources and cost for activities that involve engineering, manufacturing, and construction, by recognized Institutions in Europe , like for example the Société Nationale des Ingénieurs Professionnels de France SNIPF (FR) as part of the informations which can be included in the Dossier , as a formal evaluation criteria ,
For obtaining their “ Professionnal Engineer Certificate of Competence / Certificat De Compétence d’Ingénieur Professionnel (CDCIP)”.
Please see the english page of http://www.theabei.eu/index.php/myabei/accordi/171-societe-nationale-des-ingenieur-professionnel-de-france  
* The IBS Board of Standards AAPM are in alliance with the ABEI Association of British Engineers  who are authorized to provide education and consulting in the European Community.
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